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What is Mulan Fa Chuan?

Mulan Fa Chuan unlike traditional Asian Martial Arts where the fighting system which is based on a Buddhist underpinning, Mulan Fa Chuan is based on Daoism and the harmony with nature. It comes from a rich philosophy of South East Asian Daoist systems. The techniques are born of millennia of practices in Kung Fu and Muay Thai. Although it shares many techniques and forms of traditional systems (as one would expect) it is a more unique blending of practical unarmed combat geared for the modern world. Mulan Fa Chuan helps bring ancient martial arts into the 21st century as well as being a strong martial art favoring the smaller frame of the female practitioner. The art also uses considerable throws and wrist/arm locking at higher levels of training.

History of Mulan Fa Chuan

Mulan Fist is a modern, practical martial art created specifically for women. It is a "hard" art which focuses on conditioning as well as training for self-defense. Although it is modern it is taught in a traditional context with ethics, tenets, a curriculum and belt testings.

Most traditional martial arts were created for men to combat men of equal stature. There have been martial arts created by women before but these as well became dominated by men. Mulan Fa Chuan is a modern art from South East Asia. It is named after the famous historical figure Hua Mulan of the Northern and Southern Chinese Dynasty (420-589 A.D.) who took her fathers place in the Chinese Army, hid the fact that she was a woman and became an officer of high rank. When her time in service was completed she was offered a prestigious position and wealth but asked only for a horse to return home. Hua Mulan was a gifted martial artist, tactician and swordswoman.

Mulan Fa Chuan is dedicated to her. Meaning "Mulan Fist", it embodies the tenants of Mulan Hua's humility, strength and martial skill. It is a martial art based on practical application of Asian methods of combat. Mulan Fa Chuan comes to the United States via Sifu Jeneski's experiences and training in Thailand.

Philosophy of Mulan Fa Chuan

The tenets of Mulan Fa Chuan are simple as direct. They are easily understood and can be incorporated to ones daily life.:


These are elaborated by the Ethics within Mulan Fa Chuan:

"To treat all life with respect starting with myself."
"To work for continuous self-improvement."
"To be supportive to my family and community."
"To practice benevolence to others."
"To work to improve the world around me."

Ranking within Mulan Fa Chuan

Progress within Mulan Fa Chuan is marked by various milestones of skill accomplishments. These are denoted by the use of various sashes worn by students within the school. There are five levels for students on their way to becoming a qualified teacher of the art. And these five levels follow Daoist hierarchy of the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth). A beginning student begins with no sash as an indication of the Asian motto of "Eat the Bitter first" meaning they must work through some hardship before being acknowledged. The ranking structure is as follows:

(1) White Sash (as representing the element of Metal) is the first level earned. The White Sash indicates a proficiency in the basic techniques and the use of power behind those techniques.
(2) Blue Sash (as representing the element of Water) This level marks a proficiency in the use of footwork and the utilization of close-in combative techniques such as elbows and knees.
(3) Green Sash (as representing the element of Wood) This middle level is the continual refinement of the previous practices. Here the skills are honed and developed to a razors edge. A marked increase in skills and power.
(4) Red Sash (as representing the Element of Fire) At this level the proficiency in the use of Chin-Na (joint lock) techniques and understanding.
(5) Gold Sash (as Representing the element of Earth) This level indicated the proficiency in Shue Jow and Sanshou (a Chinese military fighting art using Kung Fu also incorporating throw, sweep and takedown) techniques. Sometimes known as Chinese Kickboxing.
After this the student has the opportunity to become an "instructor in training" of Mulan Fa Chuan who will wear a White sash with gold fringe indicating their return to the beginning yet now taking on a role of mentor and guide. Here the student-teacher learns about the integration of Chi Gong and I Ching in their training.

Practice of Mulan Fa Chuan

Mulan Fa Chuan training incorporates traditional methods training of hand and foot techniques. Additionally it uses methods better suited towards women in their need for self-defense. Close-in fighting is emphasized.
Mulan Fa Chuan useses many drills and exercises such as 1, 3, and 5 step attack and defense sequences. in addition it has five formal exersises (a.k.a. forms or kata, or hyungs) known as Ba-fook-had. The names are the english-phonetic of actual Thai language names.
(1) Loha (metal)
(2) Na (water)
(3) Maii (wood)
(4) Fi (fire)
(5) Din (Earth)