"Authentic Tai Chi Chuan"

BlueHeron Daoist Qi Qong

Qi Gong

Chi Gong (a.k.a Qi Gong) is a set of meditative exercises developed over a thousand years ago by Taoist monks in China. By combining simple body movements, breathing and mental imagery you can direct the flow of your body's energy (Chi) to help prevent disease, build strength and to advance spiritually. BlueHeron TaiChi observes a number of Qi Gong exersises. The Daoist 5 shown below, follow the principles of the Daoist 5 elements.

The examples below are of the Daoist Five Qi Gong exercise...

beneficial to the Lungs

beneficial to the Kidneys

beneficial to the Liver

beneficial to the Heart

beneficial to the Spleen

The "BlueHeron 10" T'ai Chi form

A 10 step T'ai Chi form we use to teach beginning students the fundamental movements of Tai Chi Ch'uan.
The form incorporates a variety of movements found is many styles of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and can be beneficial to all students of T'ai Chi regardless of their lineage.