Chi Gong

Chi gong practice makes one sensitive to the internal operations of one's body and it helps to reveal the body's place within nature's wholeness. This permits the practitioner to build up resistance to imbalances and blockages affecting our Chi or internal energy. We may understand Chi as the force that harmonizes the relationship between body, spirit and mind.

This easy to learn practice uses movement with breath and visualization to move energy (Chi) through the body. In the philosophy of Chi Gong, our primary aim is to maintain or restore balance and harmony within ourselves, the results of which manifests in the body as health and in the spirit as calmness. Through Chi Gong, one can build up Chi and move it to where a disturbance or blockage occurs. Its practitioners gain more than improved health, they learn another way of looking at and experiencing life.

Chi Gong class schedule

Tuesdays  9:00 AM

Fridays 9:00 AM (restarting May 2022!)